Life, and death, can be complicated

Far too often, making sure your will is up to date is put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

There are many reasons for this – it’s hard to think about your own mortality, let alone discuss what will happen when you die. It’s hard to envisage what the different scenarios could be for those you leave behind.

Often people know they need to do something about their will, but never get around to making that appointment.

Not having an up to date will can cause great stress, anxiety and even conflict when a person dies.

That’s why OFRM Lawyers want to make sure that everyone checks their will is up to date...and does something about it.

Making sure everything is sorted with your will & powers of attorney gives you and your family peace of mind. You will have thought about your wishes and made it easier for your family.

How to check your will is up to date

Download our handy checklist to check that your will is still right for your circumstances now and in the foreseeable future

Make an appointment to discuss your will with one of our experienced lawyers


What happens when you at an appointment for a new will?

Prior to the appointment we will send you some further information to help you prepare for the discussion.

At the appointment we will discuss:

  • Your current circumstances to identify the most appropriate provisions for your will
  • Who would be the most appropriate executors for your will
  • How to choose the best way to distribute your estate
  • Any steps you should take now to ensure your assets are best dealt with upon your death
  • How to ensure your will is not at risk of being challenged
  • How to ensure your wishes are understood and respected by your family
  • The need for Powers of Attorney, including a Power of Attorney for medical treatment

Following your appointment we will make a time for you to come back to you’re your will (the rules for signing a will correctly can be complicated and a a will signed in our office is stronger) and send you a draft of your will to check .

Everyone’s circumstances are unique so we have created a variety of types of appointments to make sure you can get your will up to date:

  • New will appointment - an appointment (usually taking up to an hour) to discuss and prepare a new will and powers of attorney
  • Will check – a half hour appointment for you to discuss with our experienced lawyer whether your current will is correct. If your will needs to be updated, the new will can then be prepared
  • Powers of attorney – many people will find that there will is fine, but that they haven’t got powers of attorney, you can make an appointment just to prepare powers of attorney
  • Will chat – our experience is that for some people there is a particular stumbling block to them making a new will. It might be the blended family making it difficult to consider how to provide for everyone or that you are worried about the care arrangements for your children. Our "will chat" appointment reduces that hurdle by providing an opportunity to talk through your particular concerns with one of our lawyers.
  • Comprehensive estate planning - if you have a family business, a farm or a selfmanaged super fund you may need more comprehensive estate planning

Call 5445 1000 to make the appointment that suits you.

Your team


Russell Robertson

Russell is one of Bendigo's most experienced lawyers with expertise in both Wills and Probate and Commercial Law. He is recognised as an Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates and is particularly skilled in assisting businesses with Trusts, ownership structures and succession planning.


Riley Driscoll

Bendigo born-and-bred, the product of 2 well known Bendigo families, Riley is a talented lawyer in getting the best results for you in commercial and business disputes. Riley is also able to assist you with your business structures and transactions.


Patrick Hartney

Pat Hartney worked at OFRM throughout his law degree and in 2015 commenced full time as lawyer. Even during his time studying in Melbourne Patrick always maintained strong ties with the Bendigo community both with his work at OFRM and through local sporting clubs.


Madeleine Vear

Madeleine has been with OFRM since 2011. Starting as a legal assistant she is now a lawyer following the completion of her Law and Arts degrees in 2015 and glad to reduce travel between Bendigo and Bundoora where she studied. She has now settled to begin her career in Bendigo.


Meg Gilbert

After completing an internship in 2014, Meg began working on reception at OFRM while finishing her law degree. Now finished, she's one of our newest lawyers. Originally from Ballarat, Meg now lives in Bendigo and has formed strong ties with the community through her work at OFRM and involvement in local netball.

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